BIZ JOURNALS: Pro athletes get the assist from specialized relocation companies                                                                                  OCT 26, 2016

When the new University of Memphis basketball coach moved to the area, he bought a house from a former Memphis Grizzlies player. Was it coincidence? Not exactly.                                                                             Most people in the market for a new home contact a realtor, tell them what they want and the search begins. But, because professional athletes and coaches frequently move and need discretion...READ MORE 

LA TIMES: SACRAMENTO KINGS' RUDY GAY SELLS MEMPHIS HOME TO BASKETBALL COACH TUBBY SMITH                                                                                                                                            JUNE 16, 2016

Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay has passed his old home court in Memphis, Tenn., to new Memphis Tigers men’s basketball coach Tubby Smith for $1.48 million. The two-story house returned to market in mid-April and closed sale in less than two months, according to property records. Gay, who ...READ MORE 

OC REGISTER: EXPENSES, TAXES, HOUSING: FOR RAMS' PLAYERS, MOVING FROM ST. LOUIS TO LOS ANGELES COULD BE COSTLY                                                                                    JAN 23, 2016

It was 1995, only months before the Browns would leave Cleveland for Baltimore to become the Ravens, when Matt Stover decided it was finally time to put down roots in Ohio. This turned out to be very unfortunate timing. But for the Browns’ fifth-year kicker, it seemed like a sensible time to settle...READ MORE 

LA TIMES: L.A. CLIPPERS STAR CHRIS PAUL PUTS HIS BEL-AIR HOME IN PLAY AT $11.5 MILLION                                                                                   AUG 19, 2016

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul is looking to make a change to his home lineup, listing his estate in Bel-Air for sale at $11.495 million.                                                                                                                             It was four years ago that the perennial All-Star bought the eight-bedroom, 11-bathroom mansion four years ago from singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne for $8.495 million. He’s since bought another...READ MORE 

LA TIMES: SACRAMENTO KINGS' RUDY GAY LOOKS TO PASS HIS MEMPHIS HOME TO A NEW OWNER                                                                                                                                                                            APRIL 18, 2016

With his season having already come to a close, Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay is turning his attention to business away from the court. He’s put his home in the suburbs of Memphis, Tenn., up for sale at $1.749 million. The 29-year-old Gay bought the property six years ago...READ MORE  

DAILY BREEZE: THE RAMS AND THEIR FAMILIES WILL PACK UP AND MOVE TO LOS ANGELES                                                                                                                                                      JAN 18, 2016

Long before NFL owners announced the Rams would return to Los Angeles for the 2016 season, Ikem Chukumerije, a luxury real estate broker in Marina del Rey, had been making calls to agents of Rams’ players.                                                                                         “We knew this was something that ...READ MORE